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Custom-Made Performance Parts
“Can’t Buy It?  I’ll Build It!"

- North Liberty, Iowa - 

One-of-a-Kind Parts for Performance Vehicles

Hi, I'm Mark Ham, owner of Ham's Custom Fabrication in North Liberty, Iowa. I specialize in creating custom parts for performance vehicles. I'm building parts for truck and tractor pullers, stock car and drag car racers, car show enthusiasts, mud racers, and off-road enthusiasts. I have a well-outfitted shop to handle a wide variety of work.  I can do MIG and TIG welding, I can cut, shear, bend, and hole punch metal. I can machine, grind, shape, and also install if need be.  I take pride in my craftsmanship and attention to detail and I'll make sure you walk out with the part you were envisioning, on time and on budget.


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Need a unique part
built to tight specs
and delivered on time?













Experienced & Driven

I started working with metal at a young age. I started to learn about it from my dad. I've also been around a couple farmers that I worked for. There I learned about bending, forming and welding. I've been around truck and tractor pulling my entire life. I run a super modified two-wheel drive truck. One of the ways I can afford it, is to build my own parts.

I bring years experience to every project and I'll treat your project as if it were my own.

Creative & Polished

No matter the part, no matter the problem you're trying to solve, there is always an elegant solution.  I've come up with some creative solutions to interesting problems in the past and I'm always willing to think outside the box. 


I also always keep an eye on how things look.  Once we've got it working properly, we'll make sure it looks good too.

Approachable & Reliable

It can be intimidating walking into a shop and trying to get them to understand exactly what you're after.  I'm a people person. Been working with people my whole life, and we can sit down and have a relaxed conversation about what you're needing and come up with a solid plan. 


I'll also quote you a price that I'll stick to and a timeline you can count on. Half the reason I started this business is because I felt like there was a need for a reliable shop out there that delivered when they say they would.

Why Choose Ham's?

More than just fabrication...

Hi, I'm Mark Ham, owner of Ham's Custom Fabrication. When it comes to building and fabrication, coming up with the idea and the proper design is sometimes half the battle.  If you've got a problem you're trying to solve or there's something you want to achieve with your vehicle, let's talk. I can help brainstorm a solution and find the best way to implement it. From ideas and designs to consulting and fabrication, I'm glad to help with all aspects.


I also do more than fabrication and consulting.  Do you have a pile of parts for your project and need help with assembly? Do you need help with installation and making sure your parts fit and work properly?  I can help!  Get in touch and let's talk.


- Mark

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My Custom-built Puller Truck

   I started Truck and Tractor Pulling when I was a kid. My dad had a John Deere 4010 super stock diesel tractor. He ran that all through the '70s and the early '80s. In 1991 I decided I wanted to be involved in the sport. I started out in the local stock class. Within a couple years I was still pulling local but I was running what was called the modified class. In 2004 my dad and I bought a chassis from Canada and totally redid that. We sold that in 2006 because of life changes. I got married and my dad wanted to retire and move to southern Iowa. In 2008 I started again. Built another truck to run the local classes again in the modified class. In 2009 I went to 13 events. Got 12 first place finishes and one second place. It was a pretty good year. At that time I decided I could build a truck that could run at the national level...    


Performance Parts You Can Count On & Be Proud Of

- North Liberty, Iowa -

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